I would like to welcome you to LEADR, an organization with over 35 years in Durham Region focused on adult literacy, upgrading, and education. As Executive Director, I am responsible for the overall operations of the organization and all aspects of service delivery (including the assessment and training of learners). Consider me your main point of contact!

With over 20 years with the organization, I have seen many changes and been part of a dynamic field that is constantly striving to improve the education and training outcomes for adults. The changes have been immense as the resources and focus of training have expanded to meet the multiple needs of learners. When I began most learners completed the same workbooks and learning materials and had limited digital options. Now learners work from a much broader range of materials and digital learning is central to the learner experiences.

Learner outcomes and achievement of goals are central to the purpose of the organization and a source of much of my inspiration. For every learner that achieves their goal of moving on to further education, entering a pre-PSW course, or pass their G1 license with a support of a tutor from LEADR, there are many more who can find new jobs or be more successful in their current job with their work with us. Education is truly a transformative process and I feel privileged to be part of an organization that strives to provide the tools for community members to reach their learning goals.

As Paulo Frieire notes, “Whoever teaches learns in the act of teaching, and whoever learns teaches in the act of
learning.” As the Executive Director, I hope to continue to learn and hope that you will join me in that