With today’s rapid changes in technology, job requirements, and governmental legislation, the need for basic literacy skills has never been more evident. Being able to read prescriptions, use an ATM, or write and send an email has become an essential part of everyday life. As standards regulating various career choices are heightened, so too is the need for greater literacy skills. Many previously unregulated professions now require a high school diploma. This is where Learning Essentials for Adults in Durham Region (LEADR) plays a vital role. It is a charitable non-profit organization that was established in 1980 to provide tutoring for adults in Durham Region in need of basic literacy, numeracy, and digital skills.

22% of adults are classified as non-readers and estimates show that almost 40% of Durham residents struggle with literacy.

For 40 years, LEADR has met this need by providing a community-based solution to help those adults experiencing significant literacy challenges meet their goals. By training volunteer tutors from the community, LEADR provides assessments, information, referrals, tutoring, and ongoing evaluation for up to 75 adult learners per year. Our tutors help them to establish their personal/professional/academic goals, and LEADER conducts follow-up meetings to measure its success in helping learners achieve those goals after exiting the program.