One-on-One Tutoring

At LEADR, we offer free and confidential one-on-one tutoring to learners who speak English as a first language. This method is an effective and supportive process that recognizes that everyone learns differently and faces unique challenges when working to upgrade their literacy skills.

Our philosophy encourages volunteer tutors to identify the learners’ needs and design learning activities and use a variety of teaching styles to meet each individual’s goals.

Our focus is on helping our learners increase their skills, become more confident, and reach their goals. Some examples of learners’ goals include writing for employment purposes, obtaining a driver’s license, reading to grandchildren, passing college courses and other certificates.

With adult learners coming from many different life paths, our objective is to enable them to achieve their learning goals in a supportive manner, while also recognizing each person’s unique abilities. Each learner is matched with a tutor who meets with them at the LEADR office for a minimum of 2 hours per week in order to assist them with their reading, writing, math, and digital skills. It has been our experience, that this collaborative approach is a critical element to both our success and that of the learners who are involved with LEADR.